ESB education is a specialised and experienced training and consultancy service which offers solutions, educational programs and support to horse people. 

It has been created to ‘Help people to help their horses’. The program utilises modern technology to provide written, audio and video platforms and a process where individuals can be helped remotely via their mobile devices and whilst they are with their horses.

This is done in a number of ways and so if you're watching your pregnant mare, or your horse has an injury, or you need some tips to school a young horse, or some ideas setting up your property, or some career advice, or anything else just send me a message or you can "Phone a friend!" even in an emergency. 

ESB education offers individual horse owners a one on one consulting service to help with their own specific issues. No matter where you are, I'm here to help you!

Private FaceBook groups have also been set up for each subject to share relevant links and information and to encourage discussions in a constructive and professional learning environment.

The education content is being developed to encompass a wide range of subjects and eight are currently available, just


The exciting news is that the 
Reproduction & Stud Management (RSM) Manual, Vol I 
has been revised, digitised and animated into 144 pages of useful information, tips, charts and photos.

Here is a sneak peak

Please CLICK HERE to access your copy.


We just ran THREE presentations and there are more being planned.

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The HICCUP manual is on its way.
Please CLICK HERE to access your copy.

The others are on their way and I'd be happy to let you know when they are available if you 'Join Up' to the Club Ed mailing list below.


There are plans for an even bigger project which will benefit all horse lovers in the future. So, you are welcome to 'JoinUp' to Club Ed to receive more news as it becomes available. There are no fees or obligations in doing this, it's just letting us know that you are a fellow 'Horse Ed' who is enthusiastic about learning more and would like to be kept up to date and informed about new events and projects.

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